English Tea is an institution to us Brits; we source a particularly fine cuppa available in both
bags, and loose. If you’re living abroad we are delighted to offer a Tea Support Service to you
ex pats. Please drop us a mail at tss@bellatea.com to register for our special offers.
If you would like another type of tea or another brand please let us know and we can source
this for you.

Bella Special Blend English Breakfast
High quality English breakfast tea, excellent for that first cup of the day,
or come to think of it anytime cup of tea.

250g  £4.00

Bella Tea Bags
Exclusive Tea blend, good quality bags, ideal for that convienient cuppa.
less stress and less mess.

100 x  teabags  £1.80

Twinings Traditional Tea Bags
Classic English blend.  

100 x bags £4.50

Twinings Dargeeling Tea Bags
Classical tea from master tea blenders.

100 x bags £4.60

PG Tips (Pyramnid bag)
Classic British Tea

160 x bags £3.50

Tetley Tea Bags
Yorkshire tea at it's finest

80 x bags £2.25

If you are outside of the UK please contact us for delivery and shipping
charges using the contact us button.